Hos Before Bros. Always.

Break-ups are the worst. Even if it was your idea, it still sucks a little. So give your newly single friend a pity-party in a box, topped off with a swift kick in the ass. She’ll be cruising Tinder again in no time.
What's inside:

  • I Just Want to Nap Adult Coloring Book
  • Pink Thirsty Bitch Koozie
  • Black Compact Mirror: The Boobs are Real...the Smile is Fake
  • Flair for Curmudgeons 6 Pin Set
  • Fatty Sundays Milk Chocolate Pretzels
  • Choice of Greeting Card
Select your favorite greeting card & include your personal message. We'll dress it up & ship it out to your recipient while you sit back & take all the credit! And don't worry about any surprises at checkout... shipping is always FREE!